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We provide health care options that promote self-healing and body rejuvenation

Advanced Osteopathic Health of Lansing Michigan is dedicated to tackling your most difficult health issues that have been the top source of crippling the body. As our leading medical professional, Dr. David Nebbling, D.O. has been successfully treating patients, both locally and nationally, for over 25 years by providing immediate relief and healing treatments to help individuals enjoy a fulfilling life. There are a variety of treatments that we use to treat individuals. Continue reading for a brief explanation of each treatment and the conditions that each aims to heal.

Prolotherapy and Osteopathic Manipulation

These therapies are typically used to treat chronic pain and other related ailments. Prolotherapy is a form of non-surgical reconstructive medicine practiced at Advanced Osteopathic Health. Prolotherapy is included in with platelet-rich plasma procedures, prolozone, and stem cell, neural therapy, and mesotherapy to heal the body and reduce pain. Osteopathic manipulation is a treatment we have been offering patients for over 25 years. It involves the use of several hands on techniques to adjust misaligned joins relive muscle spasms and reduce pain.

hCG Diet

The hCG diet is a highly successful proven three phase diet program. This program centers around fine tuning the thyroid operation through the use of hCG injections in combination with nutrition therapy. The weight loss program blocks hunger urges. Patients have successfully improved their metabolism levels, this leads to the shedding of resistant fat stores in the buttocks, hips, waist, and thigh areas.

Chelation Therapy

This type of therapy works to enhance blood flow and circulation, detox heavy metals, increasing your energy level. Chelation helps to prevent medical conditions like heart attack, strokes, Alzheimer’s. The treatment involves the use of intravenous EDTA, Plaquex, and nutation therapy to remove calcium deposits, arterial plague, and heavy metals from the body.

IV and Oxidative Therapies

These types of therapies are typically used to treat Lyme disease, chronic fatigue and other related conditions. These procedures commonly involve the use of other related procedures including ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, photoluminescence therapy, and intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy. All of these therapies help to boost the immune system, detox the body and give you more energy.

Advanced Osteopathic Health of Lansing Michigan is a preeminent facilitator of self-healing treatments that can rejuvenate the body and make your overall health better. Whether it is an issue with chronic pain or fatigue, the need to lose weight, or any treatment geared toward healing the body, you can speak to one of our medical professionals for advice on your next steps.
Our medical professionals understand that there are some medical conditions that need more than just a few therapeutic visits to the doctor or a lifetime prescription of pills that only work to mask the body pains that have been stopping you from living life to the fullest. Now is the time to get your life back and you can start by contacting one of our medical professionals to help in healing your body for good. For further information or call our office at (517)-323-1833 to schedule an appointment with us.

We are here to help and answer any questions you may have, feel free to contact us today.

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