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Don’t struggle with insomnia one more night

Have you ever been a victim of insomnia? Changing sides continuously while lying on the bed with multiple things on your mind but no sleep is an awkward feeling. The time can slow to a craw and as you lay there one predominate thought keeps emerging with great prevalence “I should be sleeping now”.

Insomnia is the inability to fall or stay asleep. There are generally of two types namely; Acute insomnia and chronic insomnia.

Acute Insomnia:

Is that type of insomnia which is temporary and short lived and is due to some kind of mental stress or some tension. It is easier to treat effectively.

Chronic Insomnia:

Is a more serious condition where sleeplessness prevails for a longer period due to some chronic pain or any physical or mental illness that makes it difficult for the individual to fall asleep.

Many of you might wonder that why treating insomnia is so important. The answer to this question is that if a person is unable to sleep he is prone to mood swings, his efficiency is lowered, his performance deteriorates both at work and in family life and he is always lethargic and lazy. Thus, suffering from insomnia is a health condition that no one should have to live with. And you don’t’ have to.

Your treatment options:

Advanced Osteopathic Health is a healthcare organization that is bent on curing diseases to help patients feel better and healthier. It also offers treatment for insomnia and has two amazing products that are manufactured to help the patient feel sleepy and sleep well. if you want to know more about these articles, then here is the information you require:

Liposomal Melatonin Spray

Studies have disclosed that Melatonin is helpful in inducing a good nights sleep while being non-habit forming. It’s proven especially effective with seniors and people that struggle get enough sleep due to night time work schedules. These people usually suffer from declining levels of Melatonin. This can turn into bouts of insomnia that can get consistently worse over time without treatment. We offer a product at our office called: Liposomal Melatonin is sprayed under the tongue and helps educe a natural drowsy feeling, that ultimately lead to a deep and restful sleep. In addition to Melatonin, the spray also consists of other compounds like glycerin, Vitamin B6, Stevia, and Lecithin so it had additional benefits from its use.

State of Sleep Supplments

State of Sleep

This product called the State Of Sleep is an amino acid supplement. Amino acids are known to help the brain to enter such a state in which it feels relaxed and help an individual go to deep sleep. Thus, it has been made possible to effectively treat current sleeping patterns by using high concentration amino acid supplements. It is an ideal mode of treatment that helps cure chronic insomnia and makes the lives of sufferers much easier and relaxed, but in extreme cases, it is advisable to seek additional help from us.

State of Sleep is a supplements and is are better than conventional  sleeping pills because is no risk of overdosed nor can the body or mind become dependent on them.

At Advanced Osteopathic Health we have over 25 yeas of experience providing you with effective plans of action to treat your most chronic insomnia. We are committed to helping you surmount your most difficult health challenges include insomnia Please don’t hesitate to call our office at (517)-323-1833 and speak to one of our friendly professionals to schedule an appointment with us today!

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