The following testimonials have not been altered in any way. They were voluntarily given by current and previous Advanced Osteopathic Health patients.

My knee is definitely stronger now!

I injured my knee on a rope swing when I was in my 20’s. My knee actually bent backwards when pulling myself up from the bottom of the hill after falling at least 20 feet at the end of the rope. When I was younger my knee would not hurt that often but over the last few years there was a marked increase in the number of times my knee would randomly buckle and in the intensity and frequency of pain.
After 4 sessions of prolotherapy, I was passing the orthopedic tests for my ACL and medial collateral ligament but was still having pain below the knee cap. I had a side job cleaning on the weekends and I could feel this area ripping every time I vacuumed. I had the PRP done and it stopped the ripping and the knee felt stronger and more stable, but I had damaged my knee much more significantly than I’d originally thought. The ligament that attaches to the medial meniscus was damaged and was tearing away from the bone.
I had the opportunity to get injected with exosomes in my knee and within a few hours I noticed I had significantly increased range of motion and was able to straighten out my leg, which I haven’t been able to do for several years. That area of my knee no longer hurts when going up stairs and I can tell it is getting stronger and stronger every day.
I also was experiencing plantar fasciitis pain that had been constant but after the exosomes, the pain is only intermittent after periods of sitting and the pain level went from a 6 down to a 2.
I’m looking forward to continued healing and strengthening of my knee as the exosomes continue to work.
Thank you, Dr. Nebbeling for saving me from having to get a knee replacement in the future!

Stephanie H. – March 2019

Dr. Nebbeling was able to use prolotherapy to aid in the healing process

I recently had quadruple heart surgery, and as a result of the process (use of a rib spreader) had damage to my spine and rib cage. The surgery caused ligaments in my rib cage and along my spine to become stretched or torn to the point that the normal body processes were unable to completely repair the damage. The end result was excessive movement in my spinal column causing back pain, and fluctuations in my blood pressure.
Dr. Nebbeling was able to use prolotherapy to aid in the healing process. My blood pressure has normalized, and my back pain and rib cage has been stabilized as well. My back pain has been substantially reduced and continues to improve.
I would highly recommend patients with similar problems to consider prolotherapy as a treatment.

Mike H. – March 2019

I’m on the road to a great life!

I was diagnosed with RA about 2 years ago. Over the past Thanksgiving I had a flare that put me in bed for 5 days. I was tired, sore, and felt just rotten. My husband did some research and research and found the Dr. Brown theory and the Road Back Foundation. This is how we found Dr. Nebbeling.
The treatment has been absolutely amazing! After the first couple of days, I felt a difference. I was able to walk up stairs, and put my coat on without any help. The best part has been the fact I can plan on the floor with my grandkids.
Thank you to Dr. Nebbeling and the wonderful staff. I’m on the road to a great life!

Jill W. – January 2019

I can putt without shaking

I’ve been taking mucuna since July 2018. (Part of a neurotransmitter program for Parkinson’s) Since then I have experienced the following:
• I can putt without shaking
• I can eat with a fork instead of a big spoon
• I can write better (so I can read it)
• I am sleeping better
• I feel stronger and more relaxed
• I seem to have better concentration
• My body is working better

Dave S. – December 2018

For anyone who has doubts about his treatments I would like to say they work!

My name is Jim and I’d like to share my story.
A few years ago, I had lower back trouble. At first, I went to a specialist and found that two of my discs were herniated. I was off work for months getting different treatments while saying no to surgery. It would get a little better, so I could go back to work, but never free from the back pain. I had been to a chiropractor and that did help me tremendously, but again the pain always came back.
I had heard from a friend that Dr. Nebbeling and his treatments could help me. Being the skeptic that I am it took two more years of dealing with my lower back pain before I considered making an appointment.
For anyone who has doubts about his treatments I would like to say they work! I was finally feeling normal and able to do the things I like to do with no more pain!
I am not able to work out and strengthen my body even more. I finished my first brutal Sprint Spartan Race this year at age 58!!!
Dr. Nebbeling and his staff are very caring and professional.

Jim – December 2018

I have my life back!

My name is Diana and for 2 plus years my breathing kept getting worse every day. It got so bad that I couldn’t even take 10 steps because I couldn’t breathe. I would have to stop and stand still until I could catch my breath. I went to my primary doctor and got an inhaler and was told to lose weight. Yes, I am overweight but, if you can’t breathe you can’t walk.
I started coming to Dr. Nebbeling for chelation, hoping it would help. One day I got my appointment date mixed up and came a week early. The staff were very nice and understanding. I drive almost 2 hours to get there, so they asked if I wanted a treatment anyway. They had been telling me about H2O2 for a while. I decided to try it. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My breathing improved so much the next day I felt like I was alive and not at deaths door. I’ve had only 1 more treatment since then and I have walked the supermarket and Wal-Mart. I did not have to use a motor cart. Gods blessing was in that decision. So, if you have any breathing problems, look into H2O2. I have my life back!

Diana – November 2018

I Would Recommend this Treatment

My name is Dan, I am 59 years old and was diagnosed with RA in 2016. My RA doctor prescribed numerous drugs such as Plaquenil, Methotrexate, Leflunomide, and Sulfasalazine with no lasting results but nasty side effects.
I discovered the antibiotic protocol of Dr. Brown and found that Dr. Nebbeling administered antibiotic protocol (AP). I drove 3 ½ hours from home with much hope for this method.
The 9th day was my big turnaround. My joints were not near as stiff and moving was not as painful.
The doctor and staff at the clinic have been so friendly and helpful in my journey. I would recommend this treatment for all that suffer with RA.

Dan – July 2018

Chelation Prevented Bypass Surgery

Last August I was experiencing shortness of breath and took several tests to find the problem. The heart doctor detected a calcium buildup in a vein at the bottom of my heart and scheduled a stint operation for November. I had an operation, but the doctor didn’t install a stint. Instead he said the dye in the veins showed four blockages in three veins and recommended a quadruple bypass. Since they were too busy to do the bypass operation for two weeks, I asked Dr. Nebbeling if chelation could be done instead. After reading “The Dye in Veins” summary, he said the widow-maker (main) vein was not blocked, and yes, chelation could eliminate the four blockages.
Now, after 20+ chelation treatments, I no longer have shortness of breath like before. I won’t have to have that $100,000 quadruple bypass operation, but only a maintenance chelation once a month.

John – Feb 2018

I have my life back!

I came to see Dr. Nebbeling as a repeat patient. He helped me with my neck approximately 12 years ago. I was having issues with back/leg pain. My SI joint would not stay in place. I saw 2 different chiropractors hoping for improvement. By the end of October, I was seeing him 3-4 times a week and having no luck in solving the issue.
I had mostly leg, knee or ankle pain and occasional increased pain in my back. I was having trouble sleeping, trouble walking on my right leg, and could not go up and down steps without taking a step up or down with the same leg. I often had to lift my right leg with my hand to get it out of the car. Working as a nurse became very difficult and the pain was 8 out of 10 most of the time.
I called Dr. Nebbeling hoping he could help me again. After the 3rd set of injections my pain was down to a 2. I could lift my leg out of the car on its own, and was walking better. Slowly I could walk up and down stairs normally. After the 4th set of injections the right leg pain is gone. I am stretching out muscles to assist with walking normally.
I have every confidence I will be back to “normal” very soon. I can’t thank Dr. Nebbeling enough. I have my life back!

Debra – Jan 2018

Dr. Nebbeling and “The Brown’s Protocol” Changed My Life!

I found Dr. Nebbeling through “The Road Back.org” website after seeking alternative treatments for RA. The doctor and “The Brown’s Protocol” has changed my life!
Although my blood work showed no RA, I had all of the symptoms. Pain in both hands, wrists, shoulders, etc. I had terrible stiffness in my hips, neck, and fingers. I had no energy what-so-ever and waking up every morning was terrible. It was like I slept on concrete every night. It would be 2 hours before I could move somewhat normally. The Rheumatologist I originally saw wanted to start me on methotrexate but after being told I would have to have my liver and kidneys checked every 3 months…I declined.
Fast forward 4 months after seeing Dr. Nebbeling and starting the protocol. I am virtually pain free, have no stiffness, and my energy levels have returned to normal. I can’t believe how much I was suffering before I started treatment. Instead of just surviving and trying to make it through the day, I’m living life again!! I also did prolotherapy on my knee. It’s given me problems for 20+ years. Now it is pain free and feels stronger and much more stable when I’m moving throughout my day.

Jesseme – Dec 2017

I couldn’t ask for a better doctor!

I have been seeing Dr. Nebbeling for several years now and I couldn’t be happier. Not only does he take the time to really listen to my concerns, but also he goes the extra mile to get to the root cause. He always returns calls personally and that really says something in this day and age.
Dr. Nebbeling has helped me with my thyroid, weight management, hormone balancing using bio-identical hormones, heavy metal detox, and early detection of breast cancer using thermography.
Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, my treatments consists of UBI’s, diet and juicing, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and supplementation, all of which Dr. Nebbeling has helped me with. My therma-scans went from a stage four to a stage two in less than six months.
I couldn’t ask for a better doctor!

Dawn – Oct 2017

Pain Free and Able To Enjoy Life Again

I was a contractor for many years. My accident occurred in 2006. I jumped off my boat on the dock, but the waves caused the dock to rise up. Upon contact with the platform, the momentum and impact caused aortic separation and a compressed nerve in my hip. I had x-rays of my hip but they did not show loss of cartilage or compression. I had constant pain for many years to the point of not being able to work.
I heard about Dr. Nebbeling and decided to set up an appointment to see if he could help me. Dr. Nebbeling recommended neural therapy for the hip pain. I am now pain free and able to enjoy things in life that I had put aside because of my accident.

Mike – Oct 2017

Hope is An Amazing Gift

My journey involved seeking treatment for my RA condition. In Dec of 2014 I was to the point of having great difficulty in just walking. I heard about Dr. Nebbeling and his use of the Brown’s Protocol as a treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I will never forget Dr. Nebbeling’s Kindness toward me as well as his energy and faith. After my initial appointment, he was willing to start my 2 week protocol on the coming weekend.
My progress was slow at first, but in time the swelling and pain began to diminish. I added juicing to my regiment and continued to follow the Brown’s Protocol regularly. In August 2016 my ANA lab results came back negative. My RA factors still bounce around a little but I am feeling so much better and my symptoms are minimal.
Thank you Dr. Nebbeling for your kindness and caring attitude.

Diane – Sept 2017

I’m able to carry my kids again!

I am a 33 year old. Today is my fourth visit to Dr. Nebbeling. I’ve had back pain on and off for 12 years. Chiropractors have always been able to help but as time has passed, I added ibuprofen and Naproxen to my daily routine.
An MRI revealed a herniated disc that has caused intense leg pain and numbness in my foot. My son is 5 and my daughter is 2. After only 3 treatments over the past month, I carried both of them, over 70 pounds between them, upstairs to bed last night. I would never have attempted that before treatment with Dr. Nebbeling. And, I doubt I could have done it without pain medication at the age of 30.
I want to be able to run and play with my children. After 3 treatments I’d doing it without any pain medicine for the first time.
Thank you Dr. Nebbeling!

Adam – June 2017

Motivated to get to the root cause of an ailment and then fix it

Heavy metals can be at the root of several conditions. Mine was unexplained fatigue. I had a healthy lifestyle and normal blood work, yet I was exhausted. I remember telling friends that I felt as though I had bricks on my shoulders (three on each shoulder, to be exact)! After some preliminary testing and amalgam removal, Dr. Nebbeling was recommended to me. The results of the first chelation confirmed the results of the preliminary testing (high levels of mercury, arsenic, and lead). As the chelations progressed, I began to notice that the fatigue was lessening, in fact, I am currently down to half of a brick on each shoulder! I can also highly recommend the effectiveness of prolotherapy, which I had for a frozen shoulder and mild scoliosis, as well as the natural hormone therapy compounded to my specific needs. Thankfully, Dr. Nebbeling is highly motivated to get to the root cause of an ailment and then fix it–what a refreshing idea!

Jane – May 2017

Rheumatoid pain is much more manageable

I started with Dr. Nebbeling in March of 2017 to be treated for arthritis joint pain in my hands, feet, hips, and knees. Dr. Nebbeling put me on the Brown’s Protocol and my pain began to settle down and be more manageable. Just recently my regular doctor suggested a special test for my arthritis and told me to get off the medication that Dr. Nebbeling prescribed. I was only off for 3 days and I felt my inflammation and pain returning. After 10 days of being off Dr. Nebbeling’s supplement and medication my joints were very swollen and hot to the touch.

Needless to say, I returned to the protocol that Dr. Nebbeling originally prescribed and am doing well.

Amanda – May 2017

The most caring and kind doctor I have ever met

I started with Dr. Nebbeling in March of 2017 to be treated for arthritis joint pain in my hands, feet, hips, and knees. Dr. Nebbeling put me on the Brown’s Protocol and my pain began to settle down and be more manageable. Just recently my regular doctor suggested a special test for my arthritis and told me to get off the medication that Dr. Nebbeling prescribed. I was only off for 3 days and I felt my inflammation and pain returning. After 10 days of being off Dr. Nebbeling’s supplement and medication my joints were very swollen and hot to the touch.


H2O2 + Fibromyalgia – IV hydrogen peroxide changed my life!

My doctor sent me to Dr. Nebbeling’s office for Oxidative Therapy. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years before. I used chiropractic, pool therapy, nutritional and herbal supplements, hormonal therapy, and sometimes meditation just to maintain a minimal level of functioning, but I didn’t have a life. In less than four weeks of IV hydrogen peroxide therapy at Dr. Nebbeling’s office my energy had more than doubled, my pain was minimal, I felt like I had my life back! Hydrogen peroxide seems to make all the other therapies I am doing for myself work better.

My pain levels are 80 percent lower than before

I met Dr. Nebbeling after eight years of traditional pain management care by traditionally trained MDs. Over the course of that time, I endured a series of unsuccessful treatments; everything from opiate prescription drugs to fentanyl transdermal patches. Even antidepressants didn’t help. Now, through an ongoing series of prolotherapy treatments and osteopathic manipulation by Dr. Nebbeling, my back pain is “acceptable”. My estimate is that my pain levels are 80 percent lower than before, which is a blessing. And most importantly, the only drug I take for pain is acetaminophen! If you’re suffering from pain, I urge you to see Dr. Nebbeling as soon as you can. I wish you the same success I’ve found with Advanced Osteopathic Health.

Chris – 2015

When my treatments were done my neck was pain free

My experience with neck issues came from a series of events including two concussions from motorcycle accidents and a two head injuries from falls. That last event was when I collided with a car chasing my nephews down a hill. I fell forward and landed sideways into the car damaging my neck, leg and shoulders. This event caused my neck to become so lose that I was going to a chiropractor every other day to try to keep it aligned. It did not work!

I had been going to see Dr. Nebbeling for Chelation treatments for six years. I knew about Prolotherapy for years but had never tried it. I received six treatments on my neck and spine. After one treatment my neck held in place for seven days before I needed a chiropractic adjustment. After the following treatment I was able to go every two weeks. When my treatments were done my neck was pain free. My chiropractic treatments are now very limited as it helped my whole body to stay in line. I found that even my lower extremities, that I had issues with, including my hips and legs felt better. Clearly the treatments where nothing less than miraculous!

I had been told that I would need surgery on my neck and a metal plate inserted to repair the problem. I have not felt this good in years. Now over one year later my neck has felt great and all without surgery. Thank you Dr. Nebbeling for all your research and help.

Enjoy freedom from pain

I can’t say enough good about Dr. Nebbeling’s Prolotherapy treatment. I am a very active person and am not the kind of individual that likes to take “medication” or have surgical procedures to address pain so Dr. Nebbeling’s treatments were just the right thing for me.

I have had several areas of my body treated over the years; I had a Morton’s neuroma on my right foot – after having suffered for nearly 2 years with sciatic nerve pain. After several treatments to that area, my pain was gone and I never required any kind of surgery. He also treated my left foot that suffers from severe pronation. After some extended treatment, I have strength back in my foot and don’t suffer from the continuous pain that I had before.

Last but not least, was severe neck pain, making it difficult to turn my head to the right. It had been determined that I had some severe damage in the lower right neck from a hard fall I had taken when I was a teenager. Some extended Prolotherapy treatment to that area helps me enjoy freedom from pain in that area today and the ability to continue to be physically active. I have been extremely blessed by the Prolotherapy treatments and would recommend them to anyone.

Told by the medical community that there wasn’t anything that could be done

I completed Dr. Kondrot’s three day program through Dr. Nebbelibgs office over a year ago.

I have a relatively rare genetic degenerative eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. As far back as I can remember I have had night blindness as a symptom of the RP. I’ve also experienced reduced peripheral vision and color contrast. I’ve also had corrective lenses most my life.

I’ve undergone significant testing and have been told by the medical community that there wasn’t anything that could be done. Before beginning Dr. Kondrats program I completed an eye chart test, field vision test, color recognition and contrast testing.

After the three day course I retook each of the tests and realized significant gains in each area. Most substantially I was able to read two additional lines on the eye chart. Since undergoing the three day course I have continued using dr. Kondrats electro stem therapy machine and also continued with supplements as well.

I’m looking forward to continuing the ongoing treatment with the hope that it will continue to slow down any degeneration and even to hopefully improve my vision. I also learned a lot from the course about diet and nutrition and have implemented significant lifestyle changes including eating organic and installing a reverse osmosis water filter.

I can’t thank both Dr. Kondrot and Dr. Nebbeling enough.

If you’re suffering from pain, please contact Dr. Nebbeling as soon as you can

I was referred to Dr. Nebbeling by a Rehabilitation Therapist who thought he could help me with several issues I was having as a result of a car accident. I had already went through several surgeries and therapy, but was still suffering problems and pain 12 years later. My Medical Doctor continuously told me that eventually I would have to have both knees and both hips replaced, but I was to young to have anything done at this point.

Under Dr. Nebbeling’s care, I have seen major improvements with these problems. I have completed two neural therapy treatments which healed the scar tissue in my hips, and reduced the pain. I have had prolotherapy in my left knee and back which has been very successful and my pain level has decreased dramatically. I have also lost weight on Dr. Nebbeling approved HCG diet which has also helped with my joints. Dr. Nebbeling has given me a better outlook on my life.

If you’re suffering from pain, please contact Dr. Nebbeling as soon as you can for an appointment!

I can now do things that I was doing ten years ago

I am an active person who has been able to do whatever I want physically for all of my life, until I began having back problems. I went to regular Doctors and Chiropractors, had x-rays and MRIs that found nothing – and all they said was I was getting older and that’s life. .

I was skeptical when my wife first told me about Dr. Nebbeling and I resisted going. After several episodes of back pain strong enough to put me to my knees, I decided to try prolotherapy. I regret that I waited to have it done. I can now do things that I was doing ten years ago. When I first saw Dr Nebbeling, he just didn’t just say “This is what you need”, he explained what was going on with my back and how prolotherapy would help.

I will forever have a place for him in my heart and hold him in high regard

I took my eight week old son to Dr Nebbeling after he was diagnosed legally blind with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Dr Nebbeling was so careful and compassionate with us as he examined him and completed a Cranial Sacral Massage for him. He told me he could feel a mis-alignment in his skull that could be restricting blood flow to his optic nerves and suggested a few alternate therapies.

I am so happy to report that after seeking out those alternate therapies, Dr Nebbelings finding was correct and my Son is not blind. I will forever have a place for him in my heart and hold him in high regard after that experience.

Thrilled to report that I lost 25 pounds

As a Patient of Dr Nebbeling struggling with my weight, he suggested the HCG diet. His Nurse Rachelle coached me and taught me what I needed to do, and I am so thrilled to report that I lost 25 pounds and am on the path to reducing my cholesterol naturally and without traditional medications. I am so thankful for this office!

He is a gentle and intelligent man that listens to his patients

I have been suffering from chronic back pain for the past five years. My condition is chronic because my vertebrae are compacted due to events that occurred while I was serving in the military.

My condition has caused me additional discomfort because I choose to not take any of the pain medications that my doctors prescribed over the years. I prefer to not become dependent on prescription pain medication.

Dr Nebbling has reduced my suffering considerably through prolotherapy and this amazing man has given me back a quality of life so much greater than I ever thought possible.

I can unequivocally tell anyone that is faced with the possibility of living with pain, as I was, to see Dr Nebbling as soon as you can.

He is a gentle and intelligent man that listens to his patients and applies his therapies with great skill and sensitivity.