Prolotherapy for shoulder and back pain

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Three million Americans that experience persistent back and shoulder pain

If you are one of the 3 million Americans that experience persistent back and shoulder pain lasting relief is closer at hand then you may believe. Some sources estimate that as much as 86 billion dollars is spent annually to fight chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. It’s important to understand that back pain is often a symptom of larger health problems. Constant immersion in high stress situations, low nutrition diet, and poor posture are a few of the most common aggravates that contribute to reoccurring neck and back pain.

Some common behaviors that increase back and shoulder pain are:

  • Spending many hours working in a painful environment can aggravate back pain. And over a prolonged period of time may affect your posture.
  • Sleeping on your stomach regularly can lead to lower back pain.
  • Diets that are high sugars, refined carbohydrates, and saturated fats can lead to inflammation can elevate existing pain levels.
  • Continual stress can contribute to tense muscles.
  • Irritations do to either muscle atrophy or overuse injuries such as repetitive motions can also have an impact.
  • Having a sedentary lifestyle or being overweight can play a role.
  • History of whiplash injury or other injuries to the neck and back area.

How many times have you been held back from the activities you enjoy? Playing catch with your children or grandchildren. Or possibly something as simple as scratching your back. Additionally having neck pain so severe that you are unable to turn your head to look and enjoy some passing scenery. There is help to ease and possibly eliminate such factors that are interrupting your life. This is because the latest advanced treatment called Prolotherapy can immensely help you.

Prolotherapy is the short form of “Proliferation Therapy”. Its a proven process that has showen to cause growth of cell and tissues to stabilize and strengthen weakened joints, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. When the Prolotherapy treatment process is successfully executed you will find relief from your pains and aches in a very short span of time.

Why choose Prolotherapy:

Prolotherapy has been successfully used by many people and is proven to be extremely effective. This is especially true if you have had chronic pains or injuries. Irrespective of whether you have a minor tear or tissue damage, Prolotherapy can certainly help you out.

Here are the reasons for you to choose Prolotherapy

  • Prolotherapy is a non-surgical treatment. The necessary medication is administered to the area which is causing you to experience pain.
  • Prolotherapy can be applicable to all joints, muscles, and tissues of the body. However, many people use it on knees, lower backs and necks, as these are the most injury prone areas for athletes.
  • The Prolotherapy injections have the capability to thicken and strengthen connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. This gives a huge relief to you, even if the pain has been with you for many years.
  • The additional benefit is that the therapy induces good blood flow. This increases the mobility of the joints. It also ensures that the nutrients are absorbed rightly by the body cells.
  • The therapy doesn’t just directly influence the affected areas like, back, shoulders, and neck, but it also provides relief from any of the side effects that you have been facing due to these injuries, like headache, fatigue or weakness.

At Advanced Osteopathic Health located in Lansing Mi. we have been working with patients for over 25 years helping them solve their toughest chronic pain issues. We will assist you with becoming more comfortable with your existing conditions and to help you move forward with your life. It is imperative that you come to our office for a pleasant consultation and discuss ways to resolve your back, neck and shoulder pain. Additionally, these issues could possibly be the symptoms of a larger problem within your body.  The sooner we are able to provide you with some answers and a plan of action, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.

We are committed to helping you overcome neck and shoulder pain. We can provide you with relief from your discomfort and get you back to enjoying your life again. Do not hesitate to call our office at (517)-323-1833 and speak to one of our friendly professionals to schedule an appointment with us today!

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