Prolotherapy for Athletes

AOH Staff Chronic Pain, Sports Injuries

Be healthy by choice not by chance

Spring is here and it’s time to get active again! After such a long period of time in the deep freeze a bit of sourness as you get back into the swing of things is normal, but what if you have been taking the winter off to rest an injury and it resurfaces with no warning and threatens to leave you on the bench for the whole summer?

If you have been avoiding your daily exercise routine because out of fear of aggravating past injuries, then we would like to offer you hope and help in the form of a treatment called Prolotherapy. Here at Advanced Osteopathic Health we have been helping Athletes for over 25 years and we are confident it can help you to.

Prolotherapy is the short form of “Proliferation Therapy”. It deals with rapidly producing cartilage and collagen, so that the body itself can heal the internal injuries, and wear and tear of an active life style. Prolotherapy injections are designed to rapidly and permanently heal connective tissues like ligaments, joints, and tendons.

Why choose Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy has been successfully used by many athletes and is proven to be extremely effective. This is especially true if you have had chronic pains or sports injuries. Prolotherapy works with injuries of all levels of severity, can be administered almost everywhere on the body, and can heal fresh aches and pains or old recurring pains from the past.
Here are the reasons why Prolotherapy might be right for you:

  • Prolotherapy is a non-surgical treatment. The necessary medication is injected at the area which is causing you to experience pain.
  • The therapy can be applicable to all joints, muscles, and tissues of the body. However, many people use it on knees, lower backs and necks, as these are the most injury prone areas for athletes.
  • The Prolotherapy injections have the capability to thicken and strengthen connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. This gives a huge relief to you, even if the pain has been with you for many years.
  • The additional benefit is that the therapy induces good blood flow. This increases the mobility of the joints. It also ensures that the nutrients are absorbed rightly by the body cells.
  • The therapy doesn’t just directly influence the affected areas like, back, hip, legs, ankles, knees, wrists, feet, hands, and shoulders, but it also addresses you of the side effects that you have been facing due to these injuries, like headache, tiredness or weakness.
  • If you have received cortisone injection one of the side effects of this treatment further loss of cartilage to the joint. Prolotherapy can reverse and regenerate the lost cartilage in the affected area, and allow you to return to your happy healthy life style.

Here at Advanced Osteopathic Health, we want to give you the right tools and environment to heal, and we are dedicated to helping you solve your toughest health problems. This clinic specializes in treating the lower back, neck and knee, which are crucial parts for an athlete to perform well. You also get loads of advice on nutrition and health management, that will help you have a good lifestyle that is conductive of rendering you great state on physical, mental and emotional levels. All you need to do is get in touch with Advanced Osteopathic Health and the will take care of your aches.