Stay Healthy With Advanced Flu Prevention

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Know all of your flu prevention and treatment options

Influenza vaccines are not guaranteed to be safe for you. Scientific research has shown that influenza vaccination efficacy in healthy adults cannot be supported, and flu vaccinations in the elderly who are living at home are not significantly effective. We believe that you should know all of your flu prevention and recovery options to help make this cold and flu season a healthy and uneventful one.

Our recommendations for flu prevention and recovery?

First, take your Vitamin D. We find that the minimum necessary amount of Vitamin D needed for adults is 5,000 U per day. If your blood levels for Vitamin D are below 30 ng/ml then we recommend 10,000 U per day. Vitamin D is best absorbed with a fatty meal. Vitamin D is necessary for proper immune functioning. Second, we recommend Monolauren. Monolauren is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in human body breast milk and amniotic fluid as well as some foods like coconut. Monolauren is widely used as an antiviral and antibacterial agent. A study performed at the CDC showed that Monolauren is able to destroy the projectile protein code of 14 human viruses including influenza. Third, we recommend Guna Flu. In a study of school age children, Guna Flu was shown to protect against colds, flu, and flu-like illnesses, and to reduce duration and symptoms in children who did become infected.

How do you take the supplements we are recommending?

We sell all three supplements from my office and my staff is fully trained on how each of these supplements should be administered. First, Dr. Nebbeling’s Vitamin D w/ K supplement has 5,000 U of vitamin D and 550 mcg of Vitamin K. We recommend taking 1 tablet with a meal containing fat such as butter, eggs, tuna, etc. If the Vitamin D level on a lab test registered 30 ng/ml or below, we would recommend taking 2 Vitamin D w/K at the morning and evening meals. Vitamin D intake for children: 25-50 lbs., take 1,000 U; 50-75 lbs., take 2,000 U; 75-100 lbs., take 3,000 U; and children 100-125 lbs., take 4,000 U.

We recommend taking one 600 mg capsule of Monolauren per day with or without food as a preventative measure. If you come down with a cold, flu, or flu-like symptoms we would increase the dose to 3 capsules, 3 times a day until symptoms subsided.

Guna Flu is taken once a week for prevention and also may be used daily during acute infection. Guna Flu comes in a box with 6 ampoules containing small pellets of the product. We recommend taking one ampoule every Monday, placing the pellets under the tongue and allowing them to dissolve. If you became ill with a cold, flu, or flu-like symptoms we recommend using one ampoule every 6 hours. You can use up to 3 ampoules per day until symptoms are relieved.

We are committed to helping you stay healthy this flu season, and proud to offer you a range of clinically proven, safe and effective treatment options that will not only fight the flu but keep you healthy, happy, and active. Call us today at: 517-323-1833 to speak with one of our friendly professionals about scheduling your appointment.

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