Benefits of Therma-Scan over Mammogram

AOH Staff Cancer, General

One in eight women develop breast cancer and most breast tumors have been growing slowly for up to 20 years before they are found by typical diagnostic techniques such as physical exam or mammogram. Early detection of breast cancer gives you a life-saving head start on the road to a cure.

Thermology identifies functional changes in the breast up to 8 years before the invasive, ionizing radiation of mammography. Thermography is 86%-96% accurate for early screening of cancer with no radiation exposure. The risk of developing breast cancer can be reduced by up to 75% by avoiding or minimizing exposure to the ionizing radiation from mammography, x-rays, and other medical sources.

Benefits of Therm-Scan include:
– No Ionizing radiation exposure
– No contact
– No breast compression
– Non-invasive
– No dyes or contract mediums

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